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Friends of Real Lancashire


Our object is to protect, preserve and promote the true identity of
the traditional county of Lancashire which still stretches from the
River Mersey in the south to the River Duddon and the west bank of
Windermere in the north.

No legislation has every altered the boundaries of the traditional
counties.   Only administrative boundaries changed in 1974 and at
various times since.

We are very proud to have the great cities of Liverpool and
Manchester in the traditional county of Lancashire, as well as the
other lancahire cities of Lancaster, Preston and Salford.

The Chairman is Chris Dawson, 1 Belvidere Park, GREAT CROSBY,
Lancashire, L23 0SP.   Tel: 0151 928 2770.

Members receive three newsletters per year and the annual magazine
"The Lancastrian".   Details of membership can be obtained from the
website or by contacting the chairman.

Our president is Mrs Janet Anderson MP and we have a number of
members of the House of Lords, Members of Parliament and MEPs as
patrons, 19 patrons in all.