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William (Sir ) Vestey

1859 - 1940
Shipping Magnate, Beef Producer and Donor to Liverpool Cathedral

Sir William Vestey, 1st Baron Vestey Bt, was a shipping magnate. In 1876 at the age of seventeen, he was sent to Chicago by his father Samuel Vestey, a Liverpool provisioned.   William managed a meat canning factory that was financed by his father. In 1915 to 1918 the Vestey families moved to Chicago then to Argentina and back to England. During World War I the company he founded with his brother, the Vestey Group and Blue Star Line later part of P&O Nedlloyd) and was a major supplier of Argentine beef to England.  The Vestey Group owned Dewhurst the High Street butchers.  Vestey was made a Baronet on 21 June 1913 and Baron Vestey on 20 June 1922.

Vestey established the Vestey empire in 1897 from a family butchery business in Liverpool. They were a pioneer of refrigeration, opening a cold store in London in 1895.

The first Lady Vestey died in 1923. Vestey then married Evelene Brodstone (later Evelyn Vestey) of Superior, Nebraska in 1924. She had been working as a secretary with the Vestey Meat Packing Plant in Chicago, where she was spotted by Vestey's brother. She would rise through the company, eventually becoming the highest paid female executive in the world.
Vestey made a large financial to the cost of building the tower on Liverpool’s Anglican Cathedral.