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John Foster

1786 - 1846

Foster was born in Liverpool, around 1787, the son of John Foster, builder and surveyor to Liverpool Corporation.   He spent his early training under his supervision, after which he spent several years at the offices of Wyatt's, a renowned firm of architects based in London.   He  accompanied Charles Robert Cockerell to Greece, where they investigated the remains of ancient architecture, discovering the sculptures of the pediment of the Temple of Athena at Aegina.

In 1814, he returned to Liverpool to work alongside his brother in his father’s private practice. However, shortly after this he was offered the post of architect and surveyor to Liverpool Corporation, a post he was to hold until the Municipal reform act of 1832.

During his time in this post he was to design many fine buildings in Liverpool, including, the Blind School in London Road, St Michael's, St Luke's as well as Lime Street Station. 
Perhaps the most striking building he designed was the Customs House, which the German Traveller, Khol described as being, "One of the most Magnificent pieces of architecture of our time".
Sadly this magnificent building was gutted during the bombing by German aircraft in 1941, after the war Liverpool Corporation deemed, it was cheaper to demolish it rather than restore it, and so Liverpool lost one of its finest buildings.