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Liverpool's Funeral Directors
by   10 October 2016

The grief and stress that comes with losing an elderly relative can be overwhelming. At this challenging moment, the organisation of the funeral is a burden you wouldn't want to have. The emotional disruption combined with the need to give the deceased a befitting funeral can lead to costly mistakes.

Funeral directors take away the burden from you. The best ones have experience in helping people to organise a fitting funeral for their loved ones while sticking to a reasonable budget. They work with you to make sure they understand your needs and expectations and provide the best possible route to achieving them. However, finding funeral directors can prove a challenge in itself. In Liverpool alone, there are dozens of funeral directors. How can you find the best option for you?

Work with a budget

The average UK funeral director costs £2,300 according to the Money Advice Service. The Funeral Guide Website maintains that the cost inevitably rises year on year, with inflation. You need to, therefore, set a budget along these lines and then find a funeral director that matches the budget. When choosing a funeral director based on costs, ensure that you are working with "the final price" which should contain a breakdown of what is covered in the funeral director's costs. Do not sign a contract before you have seen this.

This is why you should contact 3-4 funeral directors for quotes before choosing one that best suits your needs. Fair Funerals Campaign, Funerals Choice Website, The Society of Allied and Independent Funeral Directors and The National Association of Funeral Directors are top places to look.

Choose a flexible funeral director

Depending on whether you are going for a cremation funeral or burial funeral, there are certain services that may or may not be required. You need to choose a funeral director that will allow you to remove some services from the contract. Even when the service is required in your choice of burial, you can save costs by taking some responsibilities away from the funeral director.

Similarly, you need to ensure that your chosen funeral director can allow you to change the driver, florist, decorators and more as you deem fit. Some of them do not provide these services in-house. They partner with others. You should, therefore, be able to choose who you want to work with.

Choose a local and independent funeral director

National chains are not just costly, the personalised touch required to give you the perfect funeral may be missing. Local and independent funeral directors are more than able to meet you on short notice to discuss any new concerns you may have. When choosing local funeral directors, only work with those that are members of the two official governing bodies in the industry. These are The National Association of Funeral Directors (NAFD) and The Society of Allied and Independent Funeral Directors (SAIF).

Choosing the right funeral director in Liverpool simplifies the funeral arrangement process while allowing you time to grieve.