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ABBREVIATIONS For Genealogy research
Rob Ainsworth   27 October 2007

Below is a list of useful abbreviations when researching Genealogy

ABBREVIATIONS For Genealogy research

    Admon - letters of administration, applied for when a

                     person dies intestate (without leaving a Will).

     Ag lab - agricultural labourer

                  (the most common form of ancestor to us all!)

     B - Burial register./ bach - bachelor.

     Base Born - Illegitimate.

     bp or bpt - baptised.

     b or bur - buried.

     BTs - bishops' transcripts.

     C - christening register.

     c or ca - circa (about).

     CRO - County Record Office.

     cum - with or nearby (used in connection with two adjacent places).

     d - died (deceased).

     dau - daughter.

     DNB - Dictionary of National Biography.

     d.s.p. - decessit sine prole (died without issue).

     Esq - esquire

     FHS - family history society.

     FFHS - Federation of Family History Societies.

     fils - son (Latin).

     f.p. - foreign parts.

     gent - gentleman.

     GRO - General Register Office.

     IGI - International Genealogical Index.

     indp - of independent means./ k - killed.

     lic - licence (marriage licence).

     M - Marriage Register./ m - married

     MI - monumental inscription.

     ms - manuscript./ ob/obit - obituary.

     PRO - Public Record Office

     PRs - parish registers.

     RSD - Rural Sanitary District  (1872 before 1894).

     RD - Registration District (Civil Registration).

     RDC - Rural District Council (after 1894).

     SD - Sub District (Civil Registration).

     SoG - Society of Genealogists

     sp - spinster / ts - typescript./s - son.

     UDC - Urban District Council (after 1894) / unm - unmarried

     USD - Urban Sanitary District (1872 before 1894).

     uxor - wife (Latin, found in older parish registers)

     wid - widow  / widr - widower / Relict = widow 

     labr.= labourer

sp= spinster,

btc/bo= both this city/both this church/both of

Exp.S= any with capitals will be a place name or personal name,

wit= witness

fo= folio,

blsm = could signify place of burial or cause of death


a          above

a60y    aged 60 years

a5m    aged 5 months

an        above named

ata(n) also the above (named)

b             beloved

b(d)o             beloved (daughter etc.) of

(b)             brother

B         born

(d)             daughter

D         died

eir             entered into rest

(f)         father

(h)             husband

IAMO In Affectionate Memory Of

ICMO In Cherished Memory Of

IDMO In Dear Memory Of

IELMO             In Ever Loving Memory Of

ILMO   In Loving Memory Of

IRO      In Remembrance Of

KIA      Killed In Action

(m)      mother

o          of

ota(n) of the above (named)

(s)        son

STMO             Sacred to the Memory Of

tb(d)o the beloved (daughter etc.) of

TMO             Treasured Memories Of

TTDMO             To the Dear Memory Of

wd       who died

wdin    who died in infancy

wdtl     who departed this life

wdw    widow

wf        wife

wfa      who fell asleep

wpa     who passed away